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With a Transforia PC, moving your business applications to the cloud is easy, saves you time and money, and streamlines IT operations. Use our hardware to run thousands of web-based apps or cloud storage technologies without having to manage complex infrastructure. We ship our hardware with Firefox, Google Chrome and integrate with ownCloud cloud storage, as well as support some of the popular public cloud solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.




One all inclusive subscription featuring


A powerful micro desktop or high performance laptop

Small form factor desktop PC

Dell Latitude Laptop


A trusted and intelligent OS that’s simple and easy to use



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    Security and Encryption: A highly secure and intelligent operating system with full disk encryption. We protect your data and keep your PC current with the latest patches and security updates.

     Management: We automate the updates in the background and IT never has to manage any software. No more expensive IT labor processes or procedures to issue new PCs to your employees.

    Helpdesk Support: We support the hardware and software that ships with our PCs. If there’s a problem with the software we can fix it remotely, and if the hardware fails we give extras to keep your employees productive.

Many Uses cases

  • Transforia PCs are great for employees working in the office, at home or remotely.
  • Use us for high security desktop computing where data protection is a must-have. Have peace of mind when employees travel to at-risk countries with Transforia PCs.
  • Libraries, computer labs and classrooms are a perfect fit. Students and teachers can use the pre-loaded free open source software or access applications over the web. Transforia enhances the learning experience both in the classroom and at home.
  • Have a need for a custom configuration or need an OEM partner to help deliver your software to a hardware platform? We can help you deliver custom solutions to your customers and automate the software delivery process with ease.
  • Issue our PCs to contractors or temporary employees and scale up or down as needed.
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