Frequently asked questions


What was the inspiration for the name Transforia?

We chose the name to align with our goal of Transforming Business, Transforming IT and Transforming Communities. All of which are attributed to open source software in some way.

How long has your company been in business?

The idea was generated back in 2011 but we began to brainstorm on a plan to bring the concept to fruition in mid-2014. We incorporated in September 2014….

What if we’re not happy with all or part of the service? Do you offer a refund?

We do not offer a refund outside of the 30 day return window although we will do our best to keep our customers happy and productive with our service. If for some reason you’re not happy please connect with your VAR or sales team and someone from Transforia will address your concerns.

Are your services available internationally ie.. India, China, Europe, Japan, Australia etc…?

We will have plans to offer our services across the globe but today we’re currently servicing only North America….

What is your volume discount pricing?

Please connect with your VAR or sales rep for details.

How do I purchase managed computer subscriptions for my company?

We sell our services through our channel partners. Please work with your current VAR or contact us to have one assigned to your in your region.

Can I buy directly vs. buying via a value added reseller?

We encourage our customers to buy our services via an approved reseller. In some cases, we will make an exception to sell our services directly. Please contact us if this is of interest to your company….

How long will it take to receive our computers?

For first time customers we will have your systems configured and shipped within 4 weeks. For large orders we will need advance notice of your plans to purchase so that we can adjust our forecast. Additional orders of the same hardware configuration can be added within 2-3 weeks….

What if some of our users need a custom configuration no listed on your site?

We can do this but we’ll need advanced notice. Lead times can be out of our control due to component shortage or other issues at the manufacturer. We’ll do our best to set the appropriate expectations….

Are there additional discounts if we pay for the entire order upfront?

Yes, please connect with your VAR or Transforia sales rep for more details. …

Do you store any customer data on your servers?

No. We don’t store any customer data on our servers nor do we have access to data on your computers….

What if I don't want to use a public cloud storage solution?

We recommend using ownCloud if you want to store your data on your servers. See our supported cloud storage page for more details….

Is our data safe and secure if the computer is lost or stolen?

Each computer comes fully encrypted making your data safe and secure if the computer was ever lost or stolen….

What type of disk encryption do you use to secure my data?

We use LUKS full disk encryption. …

Who do we call if we have issues with the hardware or software?

Go to the Transforia tab under applications and fill out a support ticket, or contact your local VAR for hands on support. Ideally if there’s a hardware issue, we’ll swap the computer for a working one.

How long does it take to get a replacement if the computer breaks or is lost/stolen?

Typically, we have a 48hr turnaround for a replacement. Some VARs will stock replacements for faster turnaround….

What happens if one of our users accidentally damages the computer?

Our systems are covered with an accidental damage warranty. Obviously, systems damaged intentionally will need to be replaced by your company. Please refer to your customer agreement for more details. …


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