What are some of the security challenges supporting computers in the enterprise?
  • Risk of sensitive company data getting in the wrong hands when a computer is lost or stolen.
  • Encryption software is difficult to deploy and often too expensive.
  • BYOD has become an IT nightmare.
  • Removing access to business systems and keeping track of company assets when users leave the company.
  • Employee negligence is often the weakest link in the physical security strategy.
What are some of the proprietary software challenges?
  • Long-term software vendor lock-in. Upgrade or get left behind.
  • Malware and virus prone.
  • Vendors are often slow to respond with patches or updates to fix bugs in their software.
  • Rising software costs with little to no return on investment.
  • Random software audits disrupt other IT projects leaving the entire team overwhelmed.
  • Software isn’t ready to deployed out of the box.
  • When in doubt, buy more software: Security software, management software, encryption software, auditing software, compliance software and so on…
What are some of the management challenges?
  • Update Tuesday: Software updates and patches require extensive preparation and software investment.
  • Imaging a new system and then provisioning a user to the network are often manual tasks.
  • Inventory and asset management are a pain when supporting large fleets of computers.
  • Device lockdown restricts users from performing tasks needed to quickly get things done.
  • An unmanaged configuration puts the entire company at risk.
What are the hidden costs?
  • When users aren’t productive, critical projects are delayed therefore impacting company revenues.
  • Supporting remote users adds complexity to an already overwhelmed IT support help desk.
  • Restoring user data due to a virus or data breach takes time and multiple reboots.
  • Password lock-out after too many failed attempts requires an IT reset.
  • Hardware failures: Faulty screens, hard-drive failure, broken keyboards, and bad motherboards are difficult to predict.
  • Replacing a broken, lost, or stolen computers can sometimes take days or even weeks to rectify.


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